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Mazzali: "Oasi" walk in wardrobe / la cabina armadio "Oasi" by MAZZALIARMADI.IT, on Flickr

I decided to publish this website since I discovered, while researching closet design, that there wasn’t really anything out there that provided authoritative and unbiased information about decorating closets. Most of the websites and blogs available were published by companies that were in the business of selling closet organizers, so they were naturally a little biased in favor of their own products.

Shoe Rack by Qfamily, on Flickr

I hope to fill this gap by providing a complete spectrum of ideas for decorating your closet. I will cover everything from simple shoe racks for closets to complete closet solutions for the large walk-in rooms found in today’s luxury homes.

About Ezra Plank


I have a consuming interest in lots of different aspects of home improvement. I have designed websites around many of these interests: home maintenance and repair, cheap flooring, bathroom paint, bathroom medicine cabinets, decorative ceramic tile, eco toilets, tropical houseplants. I am also an Ezine Articles Platinum Expert Author, with over 60 articles in this niche over the past three years.

~ Ezra Plank, Site Owner and Webmaster

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