Closet Design – Why?

Why would you want to “design” a closet? It’s just a place to store your “stuff”, so why not just throw your stuff in there? Who needs a design?

When I was thinking about the reason for this blog, I remembered listening to an old-time radio show called “Fibber McGee and Molly”. So I looked in Google, and found a clip of a 1941 movie that shows the famous “Fibber McGee’s Closet”.

Fibber McGee & Molly – The Hall Closet

Get the idea? Well, let me summarize.

3 reasons for closet design

  1. Makes it easier to find your stuff. Fibber was lucky that his portfolio fell right into his hands. It could have taken a while for him to find it. An organized closet would sure make it a lot easier to quickly locate what you need.
  2. More room for storage. Although it looks like Fibber’s closet had a lot of stuff in it, if it were organized, it could surely hold a lot more.
  3. It looks nicer. We never got to see what the closet in the movie clip actually looked like, but I’ll bet it was truly an eyesore. Closet design can turn your storage space into a thing of beauty.

How do I design my closet?

  • Design your closet yourself. If you have a talent for decorating, or if your funds are limited, or even if you just like doing things yourself, there are lots of places to get some good ideas. You can visit interior decorating stores or browse the internet. This should give you a glimpse of how professional decorators tackle the problem.

    On the internet, you can do more than just look around.

    • step-by-step instructions: On some “how-to” sites, you can get detailed instructions for installing certain closet solutions, such as shelves or rods for hanging clothes.
    • closet organizer plans: If you decide to install a commercially available closet organizer, there are specifications available so you can measure your closet and decide where to put each of the components.
    • design your own closet: Some websites even have interactive “virtual closet” pages that allow you to visually arrange each item in a space that matches the dimensions of your actual closet.

    Usually, there is one drawback in using these closet design websites. Most of them are provided by manufacturers, and consequently use only components that they sell.

  • Hire a decorator. Specialists, called closet planners, are available both on the internet, or locally, if you live in a large enough city. These decorators, for a fee, will design your closet to your exact specifications. This might be a good solution if you are starting from scratch – building a new home, or doing a complete renovation.

What kind of closet?

When you stop to think about it, most houses or apartments have more than one kind of closet. Unless you live in a minimalist apartment, you will have a bedroom closet. This is what immediately comes to mind when we think of closet decor.

Larger abodes usually have a coat closet, to get rid of raincoats and snow-covered anoraks before they drip water all over the house. Some houses may have a linen closet, especially if there is more than one bedroom for which to store sheets and towels. And larger homes may have a pantry, to keep foodstuffs and kitchen supplies that aren’t needed as often.

Clutter-free by Rubbermaid Products, on Flickr

And finally, if you live in the suburbs, you undoubtedly have a garage. Most garages are used for storing other things besides the family cars. Where else would you keep your lawn mower, for instance? But most people don’t stop there – a garage can end up being a real eyesore – so why not take some time and organize this largest of closets?

Each of these types of closets will have different requirements. For example, a linen closet need not be as deep as a coat closet. For example, a linen closet need not be as deep as a coat closet, which must have a closet depth of at least 24 inches if the coats are to be stored on hangers. In fact the size of a closet can vary from tiny ( a closet under a stairwell ) to huge ( a walk in closet in the master bedroom ).

Now I know we haven’t covered everything you need to know about closet design. But this blog post is getting way too long. So next time, we’ll take a look at what can be done to get that closet designed properly.

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