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In the last post, we looked at the why of closet design: why it’s desirable, where to look for inspiration, and what types of closets there are to design for. This post will complete our introduction by taking a look at what can be done.

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  1. The simplest closet solution would be to just add some new accessories to your closet – maybe some mirrors, a fresh coat of paint, or some improved internal lighting. This approach would be appropriate if your budget is limited, and you just want to make your closet look nicer. And you can always do a more thorough job when you have the necessary funds.
  2. A better solution would be to buy or make some closet organizers. This will not only make the closet look nicer, it will make it easier for you to oganize its contents. There are a number of different types of organizers that are available in your local decorating store, as well as on the internet.

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    • Modular units, consisting of metal racks, are perhaps the cheapest solution. Sometimes the metal has been rubberized to inhibit rust. These racks are easily put together, and with proper planning, you can assemble them to fit the available area of your closet.
    • The more pricey modules are wooden shelving and drawers, which can also be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, and in a range of prices. Of course you will also need rods for hanging up your ironed clothes.
    • And there are specialized modules, designed for storing particular items, like shoes, ties, belts, …
  3. If your budget allows, you can choose custom designed closet layouts.

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    • If you want to design your own closet, there are lots of websites that will provide you with the tools you need to do the job. For example, Lowes closet organizers have a page that guides you through the design process.

      They have lists of the dimensions of typical clothes, so you can see how high you need to hang a rod in order to store them. And they give advice on the choices you need to make, like whether to use wire or laminate shelving. They even show you how to sketch your closet so you can design closet organizer plans. Of course, since you’re on their website, they hope that you will choose products that they sell.

    • If you can afford it, or don’t have the time to plan out your new closet, there are consultants who can do the job for you. You should seriously consider this closet solution if you are doing a complete makeover or designing a new home – or even if you’re just enlarging you present closet space.

      Every sizable metropolitan area has closet design businesses that will send someone directly to your home to take measurements and plan it all out with you in person. If it isn’t practical for the consultants to visit in person, most of them will be happy to do the job using your measurements and color schemes, without ever laying a foot in your house.

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