Shoe Racks for Closets Save Space Too

Since videos are very popular these days, I thought I would start off this post by showing you what Harmonie Krieger of Expert Village has to say about “How to Organize Shoes”. She doesn’t even use a shoe rack!

Harmonie showed you two ways she has of organizing the shoes in her closet. Let’s take a look at some more closet solutions.

7 Basic Types of Shoe Racks for Closets

  1. Cabinets. If you’ve got lots of space, or lots of money, the way to go is with solid wood cabinets with doors. This kind of shoe organiazer can even go in the main bedroom, if your closet is too small to hold it.

    Cabinets keep your shoes out of sight, but when you open the doors, you can see them in all their glory. They will be stored on shelves or cubbies. Some people like to have at least one drawer, to hold larger things like boots, that don’t fit on the shelves.
  2. Cubbies. This kind of storage reminds me of the mailbox slots you find in some offices for the employees to use. They’re open, so you can easily see what’s inside. And they are small enough to each hold one pair of shoes. You can even use them for other small iktems, like handbags.
  3. cave 016 by goatling, on Flickr

  4. Racks. There are a lot of styles of shoe racks for closets to choose from.
    • Relativelly small racks, having only 2 or 3 tiers, are available. Some are stackable, so if you suddenly find you have more shoes than you can fit in just one rack, stack another rack on top.
    • Some racks are rollable, so you can bring them out of the closet, and sit there on your bed and think about your costume for the day, and what shoes would look the best.
    • If you already have a lot of shoes, you can buy one-piece racks that are really tall, and have lots of tiers. Don’t forget to put your least-used shoes near the top, so your most popular choices are within easy reach.
    • There are racks that can be hung from the wall, leaving your floor space for other types of storage, like baskets.
    • One solution, to save you having to buy new racks every time you buy a new pair of shoes, is to get expandable shoe racks. Then you just slide them out to hold a new pair.
  5. Shoe poles. There are two types of shoe “racks” that consist of carousel baskets arranged around a central vertical pole. The small type is usually designed so it can be picked up, using a handle on top, and carried into the bedroom. Others are on a tension rod, which is adjustable to extend to the top of your closet.
  6. Hanging shoe bags.

    First order of business. by motherAWESOME, on Flickr

    • There is one place in a lot of closets that is available for shoe storage that many people don’t think of – behind the closet door. Of course this kind of hanging storage will only work if you have doors that swing open. It wouldn’t be much good on the back of bifold doors or drapes
    • Since every closet has a clothes rod, why not hang a shoe bag from it? There are many sizes and styles available, some even taking up as little as 6″ on your closet rod.
  7. Individual bags or boxes. Some people prefer to store each pair of shoes in its own box or bag, then put them on a closet shelf in their own container. This will certainly keep off the dust, if you live next to a cement factory.
  8. Shoe wheel. One unusual method of shoe storage, that I ran across when I was looking around the internet, has a wheel design. It is made especially for children, but could actually be used by anybody. It consists of a rotating “Ferris wheel” that has expandable pockets held in place by elastic cords, so different sized shoes can be accomodated. And it has wheels, so it can be rolled out of the closet

Now that should give you plenty of ideas for how to design your closet not only to make it neater, but to save space too. Get a shoe rack – most of them are quite inexpensive!

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