Want Easy Closets?

When you hear the term “easy closets”, what does it mean? Easy on the budget? Easy on space? Easy to design? Easy to install? Easy to use? Let’s take a look at each of these possible meanings, and provide some suggestions for each.

grand opening of the closet by bschmove, on Flickr

Easy on the budget

Perhaps the cheapest closet solution would be to make your own shelves, using three metal wall shelf brackets and some wooden planks. You can find these materials in any hardware store.

And you can put the shelves up yourself, if you can use a hammer and screwdriver. Just look at your closet, and decide how long and wide you want them, and how many shelves to make. In some cases the brackets are adjustable, so you can move them up or down to change the height if necessary.

Easy on space

If your closet is small, you’re obviously looking to save on space. Are you using the space behind the closet doors? You can gain valuable storage by hanging something on the inside of the door. Most people would put a shoe bag there, but check out extendable hangers or a hanging pant valet.

Another good idea would be to just put hooks on the back of the door, and use them to hang the clothes you’re going to wear the next day. It’s much easier to make your choice the night before, when you’re fully awake.

Another space-saving solution that I’ve seen advertised on TV is to store little-used items in vacuum space-bags. These allow you to squoosh down the bag and take all the air out, leaving it looking like the heat-sealed plastic bags you see all the time in the meat department of your grocery store.

Easy to design

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Lots of websites have closet planner tools available for you to use to help you design your closet. As an example, there is a website called Easy Closets that takes you through the design process in 3 easy steps.

  1. Basic style. Choose from small, walk-in, or custom.
  2. Closet layouts. Fill in the dimensions of your closet.
  3. Design Units. Pick what you want to put in the space: drawers, shelves, baskets, …

When finished, you are presented with a picture of what your closet will look like, and how much it will cost. Of course, that’s using their materials. But there’s nothing to stop you from shopping around, once you have the design you want.

Easy to install

If you’re not doing a complete renovation, you may just want to install some closet organizers into your present closet. There all kinds of containers available for this purpose that are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Tie Rack ( Closetmaid ) by joebeone, on Flickr

Let’s say you have a lot of ties. You can get tie organizers that vary in simplicity from a simple hanger with hooks attached to a motorized rotating tie rack that holds 64 ties, and only takes up 5 inches of space on you hanger rod.

For organizing shoes, there are over-the-door shoe racks, as mentioned earlier. You can also get shoe organizers that hand from a clothes rod, and only take up a few inches of space. There are boxes for shoes ( see-through, of course ), and shoe racks for closets that are free-standing, and as large or as small as you could want.

If you already have shelves, you can organized them with shelf dividers that can be adjusted to any width you need, to seperate different types of clothing. And if you have drawers, you can get drawer dividers or trays to seperate different kinds of stuff.

Easy to use

The ultimate in easy closet organizers is the rotating closet organizer. This looks kind of like the moving racks you see at the dry cleaners. You push a button, and the clothes move around. This needs a minimum space of four and a half by six feet, so it won’t work in a small closet. But it’s easy to install, and can be moved when you change homes.

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